Employer Brand Audit

The first step in creating your employer branding strategy is to take a look at how things are going within your organization at the moment.

Using a special questionnaire, we investigate fields such as

  • Hiring process
  • Company culture
  • Employee benefits
  • Rewards and recognition
  • Online and social media presence
  • Competitors etc.

Did you know? A basic but extremely useful employer brand audit takes only 30-60 minutes to complete and will give you an overview about the most important issues.

employer branding auditIt is then followed by an in-depth investigation with surveys and interviews with your personnel and also some analysis of your target talent market and their needs and wants.

Based on the gathered information, we thoroughly answer the question “Where are we now?” and define the problem areas that need to be addressed as well as the “breakthrough points” that offer outstanding opportunities.

Afterwards, during the audit consultation process, a branding strategy including an action plan is outlined covering all the tasks needed for building up your employer brand during the following months and years.

You see how important this audit can be for your company’s future?

Please contact us for further help and let’s start building your employer brand.

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