EVP Development

What is EVP?

EVP is your core message for attracting talent.

It’s your competitive edge on the labour market.

It’s the essence of what you offer to your employees.

EVP stands for Employer Value Proposition, but it’s basically the synonym of Employee Brand Proposition. Your EVP must be clear, unique, inspiring and honest. It should answer the questions “What makes you special for employees?” and “How can you support the learning of your employees?”

EVP is a clear statement in which you communicate the benefits you give to employees.

These can include “general” benefits for all future talents, such as organizational culture and core company values as well as “individual” contributions that are based on the different skills, qualities and values that each employee brings to the company.

Some examples:

  • training, learning, growth opportunities, library
  • salary, bonus, healthcare
  • team building trips
  • nursery, sporting facilities
  • canteens, coffee rooms

Our EVP development approach

What do employees want?

It may seem a basic aspect, but it is often overlooked. According to Deloitte’s and Gallup’s recent researches, there is a big difference between the mindsets of employees and employers.

There are many factors that companies do not consider as important as employees do.

We bring that together through the deep value analysis of the company and the value analysis of employees.

What can you really offer?

Don’t deceive people. Sooner or later they will find out the truth. Apply strategies that perfectly match your true nature of your company.

Steps of EVP development

  1. Stakeholder interviews and surveys

  2. Outlining the proposition

  3. Positioning the proposition in the market

  4. Elaborating EVP in detail, creating sub-EVPs for segments if necessary

How should I begin my EVP development?