Talent Attraction & Search

You probably know what kind of leaders you would need to achieve outstanding results.

But how do you find them? And more importantly, how do you achieve that they happily come to you and help grow your business?

Our 20+ years experience in headhunting and recruitment helps you find the best talent and make them feel attracted to your company.

Executive search


To identify and recruit the best candidates, we combine a careful review of our extensive proprietary database with original research that is specific to the needs and desires of each client’s assignment.

We believe that striving to uphold the highest standards of quality placements, demonstrating a genuine respect for the individual professional talent are critical to our clients’ success.


Why choose Smart Staff?

We all know that working with undermotivated and underachieving employees is not an option, as a company’s revenue relies just as much on its staff as on leadership.

Our trainings focus on the increase of our participants’ level of motivation as well as their goal and result oriented attitude.

I want to find my ideal employees.